Sequin, TX

I love the book Words of Jesus for Women:366 Reflections on the Words of Jesus so much because I can read it over and over. I bought it at the drug store. I have been reading from it to my ex mother-in-law on the days we go and visit her in the nursing home. She wants a book just like mine but when I went to go and look for it at CVS and Walgreens but couldn’t find the exact same thing. My ex mother-in-law was commenting on how much she wants one like mine because of the fact that it doesn't have any specific dates or years on the front cover. Other devotionals that she used to get from her church were only for about 3 months and dated and then of course got thrown away once those 3 months were past. I really like the fact that most of your books have a leather cover on them too as well as a ribbon to mark where you left off reading. (February 2017)

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