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  • Ken Gonyer of Broadway, VA, has been named the new CEO of Choice Books to replace long-time CEO John Bomberger who will retire on September 30. Gonyer left a successful 15-year career in the banking industry to assume the organization’s top position

  • “According to a recent report Book Readership 2016 released by the Pew Research Center, despite competition from an ever-increasing menu of entertainment choices now available to Americans, book readership in America is holding steady. And most of the book readers surveyed, the report found, prefer to read print books."

  • Choice Books same-store sales increased 6.5% in the 12-month period ending June 30, 2016 compared to previous 12-month sales. Total 12-month retail sales (July 2015-June 2016) also increased 14.4%. Choice Books added 38 displays in the first six months of 2016.

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Reader Responses

  • While sitting in CVS store waiting on my prescriptions and feeling completely overwhelmed with anxiety, thinking it's time for me to see a therapist I looked over and saw the little book, Keep Calm and Trust God. I picked it up and started reading it. I bought it, took it home and finished reading it, and it changed my life...Thank you for this gift sent to me from God via Choice Books.

  • I bought Comfort for Troubled Christians at a store in my neighborhood. I really love this book. It has truly been a blessing. It's encouraging me and giving me hope in midst of rough circumstances.

  • I had been looking for the book The Complete Guide to the Bible and was happy to find it at the Flying J Truck Stop on Foster Road. I just never thought I would find it at a truck stop.

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