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  • Choice Books attended several retailer trade shows in December and came away with orders to set CB displays in more locations. Choice Books also met with several major retailers in December to review current sales and to discuss the possibility of setting displays in more stores.

  • Recently, when the Choice Books (CB) service rep arrived to service the CB display at Fort Bragg, the display was empty. This typically isn’t a good thing, so the rep asked management about it, and they said that a woman came into the store and bought every book off the display. She said she was dying and wanted to give the books away.

  • The manager of a hospital gift shop recently told a Choice Books service rep, “I have lost two husbands to cancer . . . one to brain cancer and another to prostate cancer. I recently received word from my daughter who is in her late forties that she has been diagnosed with uterine cancer. The prognosis does not look good, and I'm feeling overwhelmed.”

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Reader Responses

  • I am a long time reader of Choice Books...I highly recommend Choice Books since they are so readily available in the grocery store; are reasonably and competitively priced; and most of all are Biblically based material to read. Society, today in America, is too rapidly sliding down the slippery slope

  • I have a young daughter who is in the hospital a lot. I met another parent who was having a tough time during our hospital stay and bought the book, God’s Plan for Your Life: Overcoming Tough Times, for her from the hospital gift shop. I liked the book so much, I returned to buy a second copy for myself.

  • The Story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Radical Integrity was a wonderful book and the story of an incredible man. Thank you for providing this book. I enjoyed reading it and was inspired by his scholarship, perseverance, and courage.

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